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Control changes?

Created by: eschdaddy1 eschdaddy1Is there currently any way in game to change the controls? I prefer to play PC games with the arrow keys, and the WASD control scheme has me confused for a while. If there is any way to change the controls, please let me know.

And if not, that should definitely be implemented into the game! :P

~ Eschdaddy1
Newly created member

Comments (3)

tomysshadow tomysshadow The answer is it's definitely planned, but not yet. In the meantime, if you prefer, you can plug in a Xbox 360 controller in and it'll work.

StarShadow StarShadow If you have an xbox 360 controller, you can plug that into your computer, and use that to play the game. It's a lot easier to control, and it gives the same feeling that console version gave.

tomysshadow tomysshadow This will very likely be implemented in 1.9 , as it is already partway coded.