Game Updates

Trailer created by David184.

"Marble Blast Ultra [also known as MBU] is a 3D puzzle/action game involving a marble. In Single Player mode, the player has the main goal of reaching the finish pad of the level as fast as possible. Obstacles will hinder the player's progress, but powerups are also provided to help the player finish the level. There are sixty single player levels that can be completed by the player." - an excerpt from the Marble Blast Ultra Wikipedia article .

The MBU PC Team presents: Marble Blast Ultra PC. Like never before, you may download a fully functional copy of Marble Blast Ultra for your PC, and we are always working to improve your Marble Blast Ultra experience. It will not expire after 30 days, there aren't any locked levels, you aren't restricted to 7 minutes of online play. It is yours for keepsies. It's free, and not just money-free, but also virus-free, malware-free, anything-else-that-is-unsafe-for-your-PC-free, and absolutely 100% boredom-free. Log in to our website, find your inner marble, steal the leaderboards, defeat other players online, and blast your way into marble existence and fame! But remember, it's all for fun and you can always congratulate fellow players on a "good game" via the in-game online chat UI.

Over time, your skills will evolve and you will become the master marble blaster adept. Come, feel the subtle joy of rolling in the sky-high Astrolabe Arena again with us!