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Some thoughts about level design

Created by: Seb SebTake a look through the original MBU levels, and notice how:
-All levels are either "get to the finish", or gem hunt.
-Most levels have no gems.
-Gem hunt levels aren't linear, they're about finding the best route e.g. daedalus, fork in the road.
-There are no levels that are "walking a linear path and picking up gems on the way", and for good reason.
-Simple, symmetrical levels like ramp matrix and points of a compass are boring as shit.
-Each level is different from the rest and has a unique point to it. Go and look, you'll see what I mean.

These things should be kept in mind when designing a new level.

I also personally think that levels should be longer, ideally 20s to a minute.
Gems are a cheap way to make a level take longer though. It's more challenging to design a gemless level.
Time travels should be placed sparsely, and off the beaten path.
Moving platforms are fine, as long as you don't have to spend ages waiting around for them/on them e.g. survival of the fittest, platform party, great divide, natural selection etc.

The majority of custom levels are quite basic, and have too many gems in my opinion. That said, there are some levels that I think are pretty good, such as cross patterns, platforms, fun land, mountain climbing.

I had more stuff to mention, but forgot. I'll post them as they come to me.

I'm sorry if I come across as a dick in this post, these are just friendly suggestions.

I'm interested in making some levels myself, but I don't know anything about coding, and always run into obstacles with the Quark program.

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DeathPony DeathPony Start a singleplayer level, hit f11, build and save a level under a different name.

minikori minikori I think the moving platform levels like Survival of the Fittest and Natural Selection are good and sort of in their own category. Going for good times on them is fun because you have to perform dangerous tasks to acquire all the time travels throughout the level (or in the case of Natural Selection, perform a difficult jump).

tomysshadow tomysshadow The next time I teach someone how to use QuArK I'm going to have to record it. I forgot to last time.

tomysshadow tomysshadow @DeathPony pretty sure testcheats must be enabled? You need to press the tilde key (~) first, going into the console and set $testcheats=1; then pressing F11 will skip to the level editor. But I think he already knew that considering he has a video on how to merge levels using the level editor, and the level editor can't really be used to create levels, only edit them.