Game Updates

In some cases you may wish to lower your graphics settings to improve performance. Here are two options to do so.

Option 1. Switch to MBO Blur effects

You can switch to the Marble Blast Online Blur effects which were designed for older PCs

  1. In your game's install folder open up marble/data/baseMaterials.cs in a text editor
  2. Scroll down until you see this:
    // Glow Buffer Datablock
    new GlowBuffer(GlowBufferData)
       shader = XBlur;
       xenonShader = XBlur;
  3. Replace
    shader = XBlur;
    shader = Blur;
  4. The game will now use MBO's glow effects

Option 2. Use DirectX8 to disable shaders

You can also switch your renderer to DirectX8 which will disable shaders.

  1. Press Win+R, type in %appdata% in the box that appears and then press enter
  2. Navigate to the GarageGames/MarbleBlast folder
  3. Locate any files that match userprofile_pref#.cs (where # is a number)
  4. Open up those files in a text editor (In most cases there is only 1 file)
  5. In each of those files, find one of the following lines (you should only have 1 or the other):
    $pref::Video::displayDevice = "D3D";
    $pref::Video::displayDevice = "D3D9";
  6. Replace that line with
    $pref::Video::displayDevice = "D3D8";
  7. Your game will now be running on DirectX8 and should run much smoother, however it won't look as nice