Out With The Old, In With The New!

Over the past decade we have brought you endless hours of fun with bringing Marble Blast Ultra (MBO) to your PC's.
Now is the time to close the chapter on MBU PC and bring in a whole new era of gameplay possibilities with OpenMBU.
OpenMBU is a rebuild of Marble Blast Ultra from scratch with open source code that will bring us endless ways to expand the game without limitations.
This website will be archived to preserve what was made from legacy MBU as this will allow us to focus on the future. See you all in Sprawl!
You can learn more about OpenMBU by clicking the button below.

Marble Blast Ultra PC Port Team Members

These are the proud advocates of the MBU PC Port that form the team. All open in new window.

Matthieu Parizeau [aka MarbleBlastSA]

Our leader who does all the techy stuff, manages the team, does a lot of the coding for new features, and created our new website. He is also just a cool dude who likes punchable salad.

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Anthony Kleine [aka tomyshadow]

He finds bugs or glitches in the game and reports them, and scours the internet for useful MBU PC related tools.

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Neon Lightning [aka marterik231]

Website Maintainer

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James Rudolph [aka Danger229]

He makes lots of levels, helped test Sumo mode, and is almost always available to help out. He also has a great sense of humour.

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David [aka david184]

David184 is a hard working artist, very devoted to Marble Blast Ultra, who provides levels and models that are carefully crafted in the traditional Marble Blast Ultra style with his own unique touch.

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Special Thanks

These guys have been a big help to us.

Daniel Hernandez [aka Congeal]

Our friend and audio guy, who is a good composer and also creates custom levels for the game on occasion.

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Anonymous [aka HiGuy]

Ported Concentric from MBU XBLA and helps us out with various issues upon request.

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Kinetik Sound []

Helped with custom music.

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