Out With The Old, In With The New!

Over the past decade we have brought you endless hours of fun with bringing Marble Blast Ultra (MBO) to your PC's.
Now is the time to close the chapter on MBU PC and bring in a whole new era of gameplay possibilities with OpenMBU.
OpenMBU is a rebuild of Marble Blast Ultra from scratch with open source code that will bring us endless ways to expand the game without limitations.
This website will be archived to preserve what was made from legacy MBU as this will allow us to focus on the future. See you all in Sprawl!
You can learn more about OpenMBU by clicking the button below.

Achievements (14)

Timely MarbleTimely MarbleFinish any level under par time.
Apprentice's BadgeApprenticeComplete all Beginner levels.
Journeyman's BadgeJourneymanComplete all Intermediate levels.
Adept's BadgeAdeptComplete all Advanced levels.
Overboard BadgeOverboard BadgeComplete all Bonus levels.
Marble-fu InitiateMarble-fu InitiateFinish all Beginner levels under par time.
Marble-fu MasterMarble-fu MasterFinish all Intermediate levels under par time.
Marble-fu TranscendentMarble-fu TranscendentFinish all Advanced levels under par time.
Marble-fu InsaneMarble-fu InsaneFinish all Bonus levels under par time.
Egg SeekerEgg SeekerFind any hidden easter egg.
Egg BasketEgg BasketFind all twenty easter eggs.
First PlaceFirst PlaceGet first place in a multiplayer match.
Gem CollectorGem CollectorGet 75 points in a multiplayer match.
Veteran BattlerVeteran BattlerCollect 2,000 total points in multiplayer.