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Hello people,
I've seen some videos on youtube of this game and was inspired, so I created an account on here and downloaded the game!
It really struck me how well everything turned out to work so well. Back 5 years ago the versions were all totally glitchy and randomly all over the place. This is very stable and the gameplay is great. Thank you for the guys who worked on this so intensely! I love how the leaderboards work flawlessly, all the new levels are fun and I can play with a 360 controller. So sick.
I would love to try multiplayer once, but I dont know really how its done, and also I lack people I know of the marble community. So if anyone wants to own some multi that would be awesome.
I used to play on 360, not that good at single but decent in online at times.
A thing that would be crazy to add: a gem hunt leaderboard or something like that.

Thanks again for giving people the oppurtinity to play this all for free :D

PS: Get your marble to lift.


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Hello LiftingMarble,
No, thank YOU for playing the port we have made! It means all this work wasn't for nothing! The leaderboards in specific were pretty difficult to recreate.
If you need help setting up MultiPlayer, I'd recommend watching this tutorial on how to set it up in the videos section of this website.
Gem Hunt leaderboard has been discussed before, but hasn't been implemented yet.
Also, my marble is in perfectly good shape. Doesn't need to lift at all, it gets plenty of exercise just rolling around! :P