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Introduction To Selection Of Magnet Wire


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Many people are confused about which magnet wire is a reliable product or service.

Electrical appliances are used more and more in our life. Now, our production and life are inseparable from electricity. Transmission needs to be carried out through various cables, which have different requirements in different areas. Copper-clad aluminum wire and tin-plated copper wire are common cable products around us, so how is this kind of cable developed?

In the past decades, our wire and cable industry usually used aluminum or copper. The shortage of copper resources is a prominent problem facing China's copper industry. Copper prices are rising year by year, and the cost of copper cable industry is undoubtedly increasing. As a result, many copper cable manufacturers began to cut materials to charge batteries, which caused harm to consumers and power safety society. Some manufacturers turn to aluminum wire, but due to the mechanical and chemical defects of aluminum wire, its application effect is very poor. The appearance of Enameled Aluminum Wire solved this problem. The surface of aluminum wire is completely covered by copper through the plating welding diagram, which has the advantages of good copper performance, low aluminum cost and light weight. Tinned copper wire is widely used as carrier and inductor for communication signal transmission. The production of audio and other coils can also be applied to transformers, welding machines, buses and other aspects, and has broad application prospects and market prospects.

With our demand for electrical appliances, there are more and more kinds of cables around us. We use different materials to produce these cables, and we will constantly optimize the structure of these materials, so as to make them play a better role, provide safety protection for the use of our electrical appliances, and think that electrical appliances must be used. In addition to our continuous research on these cables, the quality of these wires and cables will become better, and they will get more applications in the field of electrical equipment.