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I think that the biggest problem is the minority of individuals who spend as much money on nba 2k21 cheap mt it may as well count as the whole 2K inhabitants, the whales. They keep the profits rolling in. Regardless of what we, the majority, say about needing an actually good match, it doesn't matter. It's ridiculous. That goes for almost any sport with MTX. 90% of the players don't touch MTX, but the whales (streamers, diehard fans, etc.) which constitute 10% of the player base account for the majority of the earnings.

For real. This is a unique situation where the government must intervene and put brakes with this greed. It's clear that the majority rules don't work in any way, our voices have been drowned out by the whales. Worse with 2K and their parent Require Two, they possess the ESRB and PEGI inside their own pocket so even when there casinos at NBA 2K21s, they will pass it off as a E for everyone. This is a special situation. What? I hate MTX and monetizing the shit out of my matches, but it is a video game. Why in the world would the authorities step in on this? That is completely absurd.

They're actively promoting gaming in children. In MyTeam there is literally a pachinko machine and a roulette wheel. I must not tell you the negative effects of systems like that. Which is why there needs to be regulations at least prevent younger players. Perhaps you have heard of the stories of children spending tens of thousands of dollars of their parents' money whilst earning these MTX purchases? You require a credit card to make these purchases, so we're either talking about kids who's parents let them, or adults which is their own fault.

You seem not to understand the simple fact that these 2K games are dogshit for a long time now. Which is a part of those predatory practices. Because try-hards the whales and streamers will keep their profits coming in they have had gameplay but 2K understands they can get away with it. Which affects those of us who want gameplay. The franchise has become a straight upward cash-grab. Because it was the only good basketball sim, which sucks, there are not any alternatives.

I do not even actually understand what you mean when you state NBA 2K21 is dog shit. It's incredibly popular and can be a game. Hell, the reason I started playing it at the first place was was sick of NHL games being real dog shit, and 2k21 mt is far better. You know you could not play with MyTeam. You are walking into a casino and then whining that they inviting you to bet. Well, yeah. So we've gone from protecting the children to stating NBA 2K21 just sucks. I wonder where the goalposts goes next.