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please remove the dean scream

Created by: toothy7564 toothy7564i keep running into people that are constantly spamming it to the point of ringing my ears and i got forced to delete the entire soundbite. i think it would be a better idea to turn off these taunts altogether as spamming them can get very annoying quick.

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tomysshadow tomysshadow It can be turned off in the options. In the Input and Sound settings, turn off Secret Sound and never hear the noise again.

toothy7564 toothy7564 um....the thing is, i turned it off. i couldn't make any of the four sounds, but i could still hear others making them... i think you have a glitch in your system....

tomysshadow tomysshadow Hmmm, that's not how it's supposed to work! Right now not a lot is being worked on because Matthieu, our main coding guy hasn't gone online in quite some time. When he does it'll be something to investigate for 1.9 Dev Build 1!

tomysshadow tomysshadow I just wanted to follow-up by saying I have found the source of this problem and it'll be fixed in 1.9 Dev Build 1.