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Multiplayer Capture the flag

Created by: TheJoshanater TheJoshanaterIt's an understatement to say adding this would be a lot of work, but it would be awesome so hear me out. I am drawing all inspiration from the game tagpro try playing it at It is 4 v 4 capture the flag where a flag carrier dies if touched by the other team. Different power ups can be used in different ways to guard or steal flags. It fells great working as a teams to block the different routes a fc (flag carrier) can take and trap him. And as a fc it can make you fell like a bad ass jukeing a team with deceptive movements. It probably won't ever happen, but wouldn't it be awesome‽

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tomysshadow tomysshadow King of the Hill is already planned, but since we already have the default mode, Race mode, Sumo mode, Color mode, and King of the Hill in the works, we're probably not going to incorporate too many new modes and focus more on how these modes can be used creatively when combined with unique level design.