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Any Controller Support

Created by: ZeroX4 ZeroX4im not here to ask for help but show ppl workaround for any controller to work with MBU

there is program called AntiMicro which make it possible to use any controller with MBU

1st of all go here and do step 1 and 2

after that you download pre configured profile i made

Game Controller setup

and puff it work work just fine

just be sure to do controller mapping 1st

after that and loading my profile you dont need to read rest of tutorial i made

but if u wanna learn how to configure AntiMicro read the rest just skip step 3 as its for PPSSPP emulator

pre made controls i configured are:

D-pad = Arrows
L1 = Left Mouse Button
R1 = Right Mouse Button
Start = Escape
Left Analog = W A S D
Right Analog = Mouse Movements (depending on SET - there are 4 of them)
looking at face buttons clockwise
1 = A
2 = Enter
3 = Space
4 = B

there are 4 sets of mouse configuration with mouse Inverted horizontal and vertical
normal inverted only horizontal and only vertical

hope it helps someone

also i can provide info how to make MBU semi portable in which settings would be extracted while game launches and are saved back to game folder after game is closed

this would benefit in having multiple versions of game in 1 folder for example dev and stable build and making it that they have separate settings or making them share settings

not to mention being able to launch MBU from memory stick and carrying over settings in game folder not leaving traces on host pc

but it would took bit of explanation so before i write long instructions i wanna know if someone have need for that

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mattparizeau mattparizeau Nice! :)

I didn't realize it would be possible to use a controller other than the X360 one.

PS: You can use bbcode for the urls to make them clickable ;)

ZeroX4 ZeroX4 i dont see edit button neither i didnt see any text formating options so i assumed that it will not work but if i can change it i will just tell me how?

also AntiMicro not only bring support to any controller but it extends its functionality
like you can dedicate 1 or few buttons to change mouse speed which is camera in this case
or bind alt+enter under 1 button
create sequence combo actions under 1 button
so like pressing it would lets say hit left mouse button and right like 0,5s after left click

there is so much more it can that you are limited just by your creativity

ZeroX4 ZeroX4 testing

ZeroX4 ZeroX4 lol well it works my bad
still no edit button i can see

pokeman147 pokeman147 THANK YOU ZERO!!!!!!!!! ever science i played the deom for 360 i loveed it and it works for pc so thank you