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Created by: ElliottB1 ElliottB1If it's been one year since the Computer Clan first played the game on video, then will you do a video of version 1.0 showing how far we've come?

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mattparizeau mattparizeau Questions to other members should be posted in the forums. Not the game's feedback section :P

Can you repost this on the forums?


tomysshadow tomysshadow The forums and feedback should just be merged.

tomysshadow tomysshadow PS and to answer your question, I am the one who keeps track of all the versions and would be glad to do a video showing our port's evolution over time. I have plenty of versions than aren't even on the site, because they're buggy or included a level we forgot to delete or some other reason. However, I'd need to know which versions Matthieu would want me to show off.

mattparizeau mattparizeau I can show you tell you everything you need to know Anthony...

If you'd just get on Skype T_T #waiting4ever