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Game crashing

Created by: DancePony DancePonyMyself and RacePony are having troubles with the game crashing in multiplayer on the custom levels. Both of us had the original SA and have uninstalled and deleted all old files. Is anyone else having similar issues? Found a way to fix it?

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DancePony DancePony I guess i should add that we have tried stable 1.7 and dev 1.8 and we are having the same issues on both.

DeathPony DeathPony It's just something that happens right now.

mattparizeau mattparizeau We are looking into it and have been for about a year. We still can't figure out how to fix it. We thought it was port checking that caused it, but in fact it is not.

This can happen whenever you host MultiPlayer. Not just custom levels.

DancePony DancePony Good to know its not just us. lol, we were getting so frustrated. other than that great build guys game runs great!

DancePony DancePony Thanks for the answers :D

tomysshadow tomysshadow We don't know exactly what causes the game to crash so often. We suspect it has something to do with this site, http://marbleblastultra.tk and all of the connections the game has to make to it, but we're not really sure.

Maybe we should offer some sort of safe mode where every connection to the servers are ignored, so usernames are ignored, high scores are ignored, server list is ignored etc. when in this mode to prevent crashing.

The original game used Xbox Live so of course, trying to configure it to use anything else is iffy. At least it works at all.

tomysshadow tomysshadow PS also, at some point we plan to add a quick join button to Server Monitor which will open the game to the match you want to join. It's absolutely possible and I have already made some code to do that but I keep forgetting to send it to Matthieu, so thanks for the reminder.