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Level exits are broken in 1.8 Dev Build 8

Created by: evets90 evets90Can't finish levels at all!

Comments (7)

danger229 danger229 What levels are you not able to finish? some custom levels have fake end pads that look real but do not exit the player out of the level.

tomysshadow tomysshadow The Troll Levels all do have exits, but are, well... tricky ;) other levels should work. Which one in specific?

Spiked Spiked Mine isn't working either

tomysshadow tomysshadow @Spiked @evets90 which levels specifically, though?

evets90 evets90 Every single level I've tried is broken right now. Ultra, Gold, whatever.

tomysshadow tomysshadow That is very strange.
Did you follow the tip on the Download page to uninstall old versions before installing new ones?

evets90 evets90 Yes. I even uninstalled the beta and reinstalled the previous version I had, but it still didn't fix the level exits.