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Electro's Levels DLC error

Created by: MarshalBird MarshalBirdWhen I go to any of the options, it says "Cannot connect to session. Invalid packet. (failed to register ghost always)" What does this mean?

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tomysshadow tomysshadow That seems to suggest I forgot to put in one of the skies or parts, but it shouldn't happen in the options, it should happen when the problematic level loads. I'm releasing a version of Electro's Levels that will work with 1.8 Dev Build 6 tomorrow which might fix it.

MarshalBird MarshalBird Thanks, oh and when I meant options, I mean the marble appearance section and it displays that message and then this happened:

tomysshadow tomysshadow I think I know why that happened, it's because Matthieu included DSOs in the Dev Build and I didn't. I will fix that later today and will comment back here when I have uploaded the new version.

tomysshadow tomysshadow Issue should now be fixed.

MarshalBird MarshalBird Not exactly, BUT, I did copy and pasted (and replaced) some of the files from the DLC folder to the original copy of the files, and the levels finally worked! The new levels tend to load slowly than the other levels. (and it slows down when I get in and out of Electro's levels) And the marble skins (50 to 86) only loads the first marble. But yeah, the levels are working now.

tomysshadow tomysshadow The loading times are slow for me too. I think it might be because there are so many textures.
The marble skins only load the first marble, hmm? That sounds like a problem with marble.cs . Are you sure you replaced it?

tomysshadow tomysshadow PS thank you for reporting all these errors!

MarshalBird MarshalBird Yes, I think twice...