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Windows Blocks Dev?

Created by: DeathByGluten DeathByGlutenWhen i tried running the latest dev version windows blocked it from running, has anyone tested the dev yet? and so is it safe?

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tomysshadow tomysshadow We have tested the dev version (aka FarhanMBO) and it is safe. Strange that Windows prevents you from running it. It is an official GarageGames EXE file so Windows should allow it. Is it because of the SmartScreen filter?

DeathByGluten DeathByGluten Yes, thats it. Not sure what its supposed to mean but i guess i'll try running it again?

mattparizeau mattparizeau I have my smartscreen disabled so I can't remember exactly but I believe you just have to click more info and then it will show up with run anyway or something.

tomysshadow tomysshadow yeah, there should be a More Info button (it looks like more of a link) allowing you to run the file. I'm on Windows 7 so I wasn't aware that Smartscreen Filter doesn't like the dev exe.