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RTA / Time Travel Adjusted Leaderboards

Created by: minikori minikoriIt'd be nice to see some of the top times on levels without the use of time travels (or at least with the time adjusted to account for the time travels acquired). Real Time leaderboards would add another dimension of ILs to many levels, which would be very cool to have.

Comments (3)

mattparizeau mattparizeau Good Idea! I will put this on my mental list of things to do :)

tomysshadow tomysshadow Although the current times on the leaderboards won't show these times, because we havn't collected them up to this point.

minikori minikori That's understandable that we wouldn't know the times when the new leaderboard is added, but it's not like these leaderboards were ported over from Xbox or anything so they aren't exactly old; I wouldn't consider that a big issue.