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Marble Blast Ultra PC Custom Rampage - Submit Your Clips!!

Created by: TheMopFromMars TheMopFromMarsHello people of MBUPC. I am going to edit a MBUPC Custom Level Rampage in the style of classic Rampage videos of 2008/. For example:

It would be awesome if we got as many people as possible involved whilst showing off tricks and strategies. So far, DeathPony, MattParizeau and I are involved, but I would like to include other people too :) To make this possible, it would be great if you could submit your clips to me via a Youtube link or send the raw footage through mediafire and tell me the username you would like on the footage. Keep in mind, it's only one clip per level so not all clips will be used that are submitted for the rampage, I will try to get as many people involved as possible while still showing off really good scores.
Here is what I have so far:

I'm not sure when the finished product will be ready but it will be awesome when it is done. Also, another question, do people want music on the rampage or just natural MBU game sounds? Thanks for reading!

Comments (4)

mattparizeau mattparizeau I would like music with the game sounds in the background if possible ;)

I can send you some good ones on skype :)

minikori minikori I'll be recording my gameplay and posting any top IL times to YouTube, and I'll make sure to post them in the Videos section on this website. You're free to use anything by me you see there :)

ElliottB1 ElliottB1 I'd give some extra clips showing the height gaining exploit shown in the Look What I Got video.

tomysshadow tomysshadow It doesn't need to be the in-game music but I'd say that there should be at least some background music.