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Unable to join other people's multiplayer match

Created by: MarshalBird MarshalBirdIt keeps saying stuff like "Unable to connect" or "Client outdated"

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MarshalBird MarshalBird It also says "You have lost connection to the session" and "Internal Error: Connection Request Timed Out"!

mattparizeau mattparizeau Client Outdated means you need to update to the latest version.
Lost Connection the the session means the server was closed.
Timed Out means that the person didn't set up the server properly.
Unable to connect, i believe is just the "title" for the other messages (correct me if i'm wrong)

Try downloading 1.8 Dev 2. It should fix a lot of problems due to the fixed port checker :)

tomysshadow tomysshadow Yeah, timed out means the other person isn't portforwarded. They need to portforward on port 28000. Also, an unpackUpdate error means the host has shapes, such as extra custom marbles, that you don't, so you can't join. Like Matt said, client outdated means the host is using features that are only supported in a later version. 1.8 Dev Build 2 fixed this, and of course this fix still works in Dev Build 3.