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Buggy Leaderboard

Created by: nickcool9999 nickcool9999Score by DeathPony ~26 seconds got wiped. TODO: Fix

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mattparizeau mattparizeau Thanks for the bug report. The time seems to only be showing up on his profile page.

tomysshadow tomysshadow yeah, the leaderboard currently is buggy. The scores are only submitted when the level is actually completed to prevent against editing the save file to submit a low score, which means if the server is down when the score is obtained, it isn't submitted.

However, it's likely that the score is actually saved in our database and the newest time is not being shown. We save every time a user gets on a level and it's up the the PHP code to find the new one. Times are never deleted even if overwritten by better ones, so perhaps this is the fault of the leaderboards page.

The leaderboards worked just fine before the Bootstrap update -.- so this one might take a while to sort out.