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bring back the pause menu buffering glitch.

Created by: TheJoshanater TheJoshanaterThis is going to be hard to explain. In the Xbox version when in the starting gate of a level you could pause the game and select the help and options and this would allow you to leave the starting gate about a second sooner than intended. The clock still starts when you can go so no time is saved there, but platforms are a second further back in their cycle than there should be. This makes making the first cycle of the tree house elevator easy to make unmodded. Lol sounds really complicated to implement but maybe you removed that button from the menu and if you put it back in this thing suddenly works.

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TheJoshanater TheJoshanater The "help & options" button is what I've used. Though looks like he hits the achievements button in the video maybe that one works too.

mattparizeau mattparizeau We are going to bring back the help and options menu option in-game soon. Although I'm not sure if this glitch would happen.