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Overlapping textures

Created by: ElliottB1 ElliottB1This was a bug mentioned after the Marble Blast Ultra speedrun during AGDQ 2015. In the level Skate Park, if you manage to jump over the walls, you will see two textures overlapping, and the game is not sure which one to draw, resulting in glitchy visuals. Since the speedrun was done on XBLA, it's unknown whether or not the bug exists in the PC version.

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ElliottB1 ElliottB1 A link to the video showing the bug in action:

tomysshadow tomysshadow can't fix it without either remaking the level entirely from scratch or making all the edges invisible. We don't have the original map files and so the only method we could use is hex editing, and even then we have pretty limited control over the missions unless we remake them or somehow obtain the map files (which will most likely never happen)

DeathPony DeathPony It's not a bug so much as poor level design.