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option to use old shader

Created by: minikori minikoriCurrently I've been playing the game on 1.5 because I really do not like how bright the effects appear on the newer versions. It'd be nice to be able to play the newer versions with graphics closer to that of 1.5

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tomysshadow tomysshadow 1.5 uses Marble Blast Online shaders and later versions use the superior Marble Blast ultra Xbox 360 shaders. We decided to use these instead because they're close to Marble Blast Ultra. The only reason Marble Blast online uses different shaders is because the use Pixel Shader 1.1 instead of 2.0 so it was more supported at the time, but the new shader reflects how it's actually supposed to look.
If it becomes a popular request I guess we could implement it though.

tomysshadow tomysshadow in the meantime, I believe copying the file called baseMaterials.cs from an old version to a new one should cause the old shaders to take over. I doubt it'll break Multiplayer.

minikori minikori Unless I did something wrong initially, copying baseMaterials.cs from 1.5.0 didn't fix my issue. However, I changed the GlowBuffer to set both shader and xenonShader to Blur instead of XBlur (lines 62 and 63) and that achieved the results I was looking for. Thank you!

minikori minikori I don't think changing xenonShader is necessary, but I am unsure what that does.

mattparizeau mattparizeau @minikori xenonShader only affects the Xbox 360 Version.

Neo_Lightning Neo_Lightning 1.8.3 added directx 8 support, it will use directx 8 compatible graphics and most shaders will be turned off, its for performance on older machines