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Curved Gravity level

Created by: David184 David184i DON'T want this level as Multiplayer level. this level is not well designed to be an MP level. like i love the idea of the level but in my opinion i don't think that this should be an multiplayer level. the level has very small platforms for 2-4 players and it's hard to navigate trough it. i didn't had any problem playing on the Core level since that level was big. but i really don't think this level should be MP level. i hope it get's recreated or moved to SP :S

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ElliottB1 ElliottB1 You are actually able to play multiplayer levels in singleplayer without any cheats, hacks, or glitches. They're available from the Single Player menu.

tomysshadow tomysshadow LOL yeah, I'm sure Matthieu likes it but I too find Curved Gravity is actually pretty tedious. We were thinking about adding platforms in the middle to make it easier to navigate.

David184 David184 if the hole in the center would be filled with floor then i might say the level is balanced