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Pause Menu Glitch

Created by: TheMopFromMars TheMopFromMars
Only happens with xbox controller

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tomysshadow tomysshadow It took me a moment to figure out what the error you're talking about is, but I see it now. You mean because you're jumping after you press Resume.
There are a lot of menu glitches in the menu with a 360 controller because none of the team members use it so we don't notice this stuff. Maybe I should play the PC Port with a controller for a week to find all the annoyances!
On the bright side, we have found a temporary workaround for the issue where one cannot move on a 360 controller when joining an MP match. Open the console and type in "$game::running=1;" (without quotes) and it should allow you to move for the entire rest of the session. It'll cause the lobby to behave strangely but you should still be able to operate it with the A button. This fix will be implemented as soon as we can figure out why this causes the Lobby to glitch out.