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Created by: TheMopFromMars TheMopFromMarsHow about if someone is stuck on a level, they can open up the main menu where there will be option for a Guide. Click it and it will take the player to a list of embedded videos with how to beat the level. Videos can be provided by everyone and added to list. Just a wacky idea.
Also, maybe add some of the fun Singleplayer levels to multiplayer, without gems, just how they are, like in the Level Changer glitch on MBU Xbox. Like Great Divide is fun on multiplayer trapping the platforms ect.

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tomysshadow tomysshadow Actually, you can use the console to play Singleplayer levels online, but maybe there should be a button to switch to the SP levels! And maybe "ghost" marbles that you can't knock into, like they have no collision, could be implemented so the fact there is only one spawn point isn't problematic.