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Singleplayer Replays

Created by: DeathPony DeathPonyMay be complicated since even MBP has had a buggy replay system, but I thought I would mention it anyway.

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mattparizeau mattparizeau I'm not sure if our exe has this capability but I will look into it.

ElliottB1 ElliottB1 Of course a MBU pro would be asking about that.

DeathPony DeathPony Marble -> Client -> Scripts -> recordings made me think of it

tomysshadow tomysshadow I've thought of this too. It'd be so cool. Maybe the game could somehow be convinced that it is in a Multiplayer match and broadcast the marble's position to a file, then read that file back as if it were a Multiplayer match? idk, that's the best idea I can think of. It'd be hard either way.

TheMopFromMars TheMopFromMars The Marble Blast 'levels' in Trials Evolution had this feature. It's how I copied all of DP's routes (and beat a couple)