Game Updates


Downloading Latest Stable Build

Downloading Latest Dev build

Windows Stable Installers

* Potentially Fixed False Positives issue
* Fixed audio issues
* Possible Improvements to Loading Speed in Multiplayer

* Fixed Multiplayer Not Connecting

* Fixed levels with lots of moving platforms, failing to load correctly. ie. "The Wave" or "Industry"
* Fixed console error display in designer build.
* Potentially fixed some audio related issues.

- Updated Website URLs
- New Custom Level "Happy Gathering"

- Added Three Fold Craze (Custom Level)
- Added Long Lost Custom Level...
- Fixed URL Encoding
- Fixed Crash when launching in full screen

- Hidden server feature now binds to port 28000 to allow join via IP.
* Fixed Box showing up sometimes in bottom right of PlayGui.


- New Custom Level in General (Outpost)
- Port forwarding is no longer required for multiplayer (Uses Nat-Traversal) [Experimental]
- Triggered moving platforms now have the ability to be re-used if desired when making a level.
* Fixed Alt-Tabbing in Fullscreen


Fixed Online Connectivity (ie. Leaderboards, Multiplayer, etc).
Added Official Website link to main menu.


Recommended update. Fixed a potential security vulnerability with update downloads. Added new MP level. Fixed z-fighting in Horizprawl. Made MP errors less obtrusive. Adds support for older DirectX.


This is a very small fix because sometimes levels with spaces in the title would not submit to the leaderboards.


Now Available Again!


Increased stability, water physics, side scrolling levels and more fixes than we can count. It is our best version yet!

Sorry, this version has been removed. Use 1.8.1 instead.


All Gold Levels Now Included
Various Other Changes and Additions


Was required for Multiplayer.


NOT Latest Stable! Do not enable Server Monitor in this version! It contains an error which is dangerous for your computer which was fixed in 1.6.2! Ported More Xbox 360 Shaders. You now get congratulated for beating the game.

1.5.0 Stable

You will need a tool like PeaZip that is capable of opening 7z files.


NOT Latest Stable!


NOT Latest Stable!


NOT Latest Stable!


NOT Latest Stable!


NOT Latest Stable!

Windows Dev Installers

1.9 Dev Build 3

Re-Added Missing Files in 1.9 Dev Build 2

1.8 Dev Build 11

New Levels!
More Marbles!

1.8 Dev Build 10

More Levels!

1.8 Dev Build 9

New Levels!

1.8 Dev Build 8

- New Lobby Gui
- Resized Section Headers

1.8 Dev Build 7

- Changes and Additions to LevelPreviewGui and EndGameGui
- Temporarily removed some MBM levels due to lag with the game starting up or other issues regarding consistency to the originals.
- New Pro Time.

1.8 Dev Build 6

- Finished: Sumo Mode
- Added: No Jumping feature for levels
* Fixed: Sumo Finishing when it shouldn't

1.8 Dev Build 5

- Added New Levels
* Fixed Sumo Mode not finishing

1.8 Dev Build 4

- Marble Points
- Skate Battle Park (MBM)
- New Custom Levels

1.8 Dev Build 3

- Added Troll Section for upcoming april fools day. Very fun and will probably stay after. (WIP)
- More Custom Levels

1.8 Dev Build 2

- Pause Menu now has Help and Options aswell as achievements.
- New Dev Exe for level building.
- Working console in dev exe
- Working dropdown menus in dev exe
- Gui Editor in dev exe
* Fixed: Port Checking

1.8 Dev Build 1

- Started Adding Mobile Levels
- More Textures and Frictions
- More Custom Levels
- The Original Marble City
* Fixed: Race mode not displaying finish position

1.7 Dev Build 13

New Levels.
Fixed Major Bug causing Multiplayer to work incorrectly.

1.7 Dev Build 12

Added more levels, including Megas, and Dragon Room.

1.7 Dev Build 11

1.7 Dev Build 10

1.7 Dev Build 8

1.7 Dev Build 7

1.7 Dev Build 5

1.7 Dev Build 1

1.5.0 Dev